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Lo Stagnone is a unique place in Sicily and will give you a kite experience you have always searched for. No matter if you are just starting or you are already an experienced rider, Marsala will not disappoint you! The amazing shallow water gives you and easy place to practice kitesurf while the thermal wind conditions ensure your well spent kitesurfing holiday! Stagnone has a lot to offer with it's good condition to ride for any level's of kitesurfers. The main wind direction is Mistral which hits the kite lagoon from the North-West while in other days the warm Sirocco comes from the South-East. The venturi effect and the termal condition makes Stagnone one of the winiest kite spot of Italy! Many days when the forecast doesn't say any wind we still recive often strong, termal winds. 


Kitesurf is one of the most growing sport in these days. It comes why is that? Because of its simplicity, versatility of use and because its easy to travel with. If you start it be prepared.. its addictive! 

Kitesurf is a sport where a parachute due to the power of the wind pulls a surfer on the water's surface. Jumps are technical things, nobody can fly away with gusts. The kite instruction started with small kites respecting the IKO ( Internationa Kiteboarding Organization) rules. Safety protection and equipment are provided during the kitesurf course in the nice and shallow lagoon of Marsala. Everybody can stand here which give an easier and safer course. A kite course in made within a few days. We start from 9-10 year old and there is no age limits as our many over 60 customers prooves too! 

Frequently asked questions

Is kiting dangerous?

Due to the developed equipment and the international regulation in teaching this sport nowdays is a safety and easy to learn. We have a great experience in teaching since 2004 and from 10- 12 till 74 year we already teached many people.

Can I fly away?

Definitly no! You have to choose the right size of kite for your body weight and the actual wind conditions. You may can see some old videos where due to the old equipment and/ or the wrong size, wrong conditions mix some guys had some trouble. And don’ t when a tornado is just ont he way to hit the coast..  

However jumping is not an accident you have to learn the technik the better you are the higher you can go! In the begining even with your biggest force you can’t jump more then 1.5 meter..

Is it easy to learn kitesurf?

You don’t have to be a sportman to start kiting! The wish is already enough. If you reached the 30 kg, and I think most of you did, then you are ready to start. And yes its easy to learn thas why its becoming so popular now. The first few hours you practise the kite controll step by step, first with a small kite, going with biggers later on. When you feel convinient you can make a step forward!